Cube Entertainment is bringing their artists to Europe as part of a K-pop Dream Concert in Rotterdam, Netherlands.

The concert is set to take place on Saturday 4th of April, 2015 – Easter weekend, at the Ahoy in Rotterdam. Confirmed artists appear to include B2ST, 4Minute, G.Na, APink and BTOB, according to the organisers and event page.

A collaboration between Event company AM Entertainment, Cube and several other contributors, the Dream Concert seems to be becoming a reality, with tickets going up for sale in 9 days, on Saturday the 13th of December, according to the event website.

Prices are already up along with a seating chart of the venue:


Unfortunately, Cube Entertainment has yet to confirm any attendance, and many fans have expressed scepticism around whether or not the event is truly legit.

After receiving negative feedback from worried fans, wondering if the concert is a fake, AM Entertainment made a statement on the Facebook event page, stating that

We can understand people are scared after what happened in Germany, with the K-Culture Festival. But we are not in any way related to that event, venue or the organisation behind it. We are not responsible for what happened nor do we feel that we are obliged to compensate for their amateurish way of handling things.

Read the full statement here.

The event page is also offering assistance to fans travelling from other countries, and are organising help with carpooling, hotel recommendations and any questions from fans.


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