This week’s fan talent is Hilary! She has only opened up her YouTube in April, but she’s already proving to be quite popular with her videos gathering over 1,000 views!

Hilary is a 20 year old dancer and singer from Italy, she’s been active as a dance cover artist since April 2014 and has covered dances from the likes of Sistar, AOA, Hyuna, 4Ten and more!

Hilary discovered K-pop 3 years ago when she was watching some dance covers on YouTube. After a while, she had realised that the songs in these videos were in Korean, which peaked her interest. After studying ballet for 2 years, Hilary decided to take on a different style of dance and began dancing to Korean, Japanese and Thai pop songs.

Along with K-pop, she’s also interested in Japanese anime and manga, she even attends the anime expo which is held in Italy and performs her own choreography there. Be sure to look out for her in the next one!

Hilary plans on covering T-ara– Sugar Free soon, so follow her on Twitter to make sure you don’t miss it!


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