This weeks SOTW is Crazy by Jonghyun feat Iron! Coming from his first solo album ‘Base’, it’s been a smash-hit with fans everywhere.

The Song
The song is basically a story of a man going crazy over a women. There’s an element of danger or perhaps forbidden romance with the mention of ‘danger’ several times. It’s a concept used pretty often in Kpop songs, the man is intensely attracted to the woman and although it seems to pose a danger to the man, he chooses to pursue it anyway. In this song, the pleasure doesn’t seem to be a mild embarrassment, it’s a real guilt so much that he sings “I’ll be in hell”.

The Video
The video itself is very well done aesthetically. There is just the right blend of visual clues to the song and lighting and imagery. For example in one scene Jonghyun is shown in the silhouette of a woman with a jumble of moving staircases in the background which could represent the woman’s mind. Another scene shows Jonghyun suspended by two chains at the wrists, showing how he is bound to the woman, he is so attracted and can’t pull away.

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Jonghyun is known as a power vocal and this song was a more subdued tune, which perhaps didn’t bring out the best of his voice, as many fans have also voiced.
What do you think about the song?


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