Fluxus Music ‘s popular trio Clazziquai are up for Weekly Idol. Clazziquai aka Clazziquai Project are an experimental, electronica band who debuted in 2004 with their EP “Instant Pig”. Prior to their official debut, they were an underground band and released unofficial albums online in 2001 where most of their music was spread through word of mouth.

The original lineup for Clazziquai was leader DJ Clazzi / Kim Sung Hoon who is charge of composing and mixing plus siblings Alex / Chu Hon Gon and Christina who were the main vocalists. Christina however left the band to return to Canada and was replaced by musical theatre actress Horan / Choi Soo Jin who is the elder sister of SNSD‘s Sooyoung.

The band’s biggest career breakthrough was when their songs “She Is and “Be My Love” were featured on the popular Kdrama My Lovely Kim Sam Soon. As well as releasing seven studio albums and four remix albums so far, Clazziquai collaborate with other famous artists such as Japan’s popular electronica act m-flo but also continue to lend their music to OSTs for films (e.g. Crave You for the US film “Playing It Cool”) and other dramas such as Dream High 2 with a song Romeo and Juliet.

Popular songs


Fill This Night

Love Satellite
You might find this a bit of a creepy video given the circumstances at times…but then there is that ending.

Dance of seduction. No words need to be said. A reference to Love Satellite.

Call Me Back

Still I’m By Your Side

A duet version of She Is by Horan and Infinite‘s Sung Gyu

Love Mode featuring Tablo

Why I chose Clazziquai

Clazziquai are one of those bands who give you an extensive choice of music. Whether you want to chill to something acoustic and jazzy or perhaps get a little groove on to some funky dance tracks. Their discography is so wide and varied that you might need to take your time choosing what to relax to. What really stands out are Horan and Alex‘s vocals which blend really together. Clazziquai are no strangers to the Korean music world and always seem to weave their way into a music fan’s playlist.


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