They were featured in one of our TST posts last year and now multinational boy group Cross Gene is up for Weekly Idol Wednesday.

Cross Gene are a six member multi-national boy band under Amuse Korea Entertainment. Said company stated this group would “cross the superior genes of each country to create one perfect group.” The lineup consist of members who come from Korea, China and Japan and they are leader Takuya (Japanese), Casper (Chinese) and Koreans Shin, Seyoung, Sangmin and Yongseok. Former Chinese member J.G. left in January 2013 to pursue an acting career and was replaced by Seyoung. The group made their official debut in May 2012, releasing their first mini album Timeless: Begins a month later.

Cross Gene then started promoting in Japan the following year, holding their first Japanese concert and releasing numerous singles, some of which were digitally available. They also received a Rookie Award at the 21st Korean Culture and Entertainment Awards in November 2013.

Cross Gene’s 2014 comeback involved many activities aside from releasing new music such as Amazing Bad Lady and I’m Not A Boy, Not Yet A Man. There were more fan meets and festival attendances across Asia during the year but starring in their first film ZEDD which was filmed in Los Angeles.

Popular songs

La Di Da Di

Sky High

Shooting Star
This was one of the few song also released in Japanese

Amazing -Bad Lady-
If the choreography makes you curious and you want to see a dance practice version – LINK

Billion Dolla

I’m Not A Boy, Not Yet A Man


Why Cross Gene for Weekly Idol

Seeking multi-national groups in Asian music has been a secret challenge and one that was born out of long term curiosity. I do like the idea of Cross Gene and while their debut was overshadowed due to simultaneous releases from other new groups in the same year, I think these guys certainly have potential and their music is growing on me the more I listen.


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