Sweet vocals, sharp dance moves and some beautiful styling – Legend are back this week, with new single Trace. The guys are: Listen (leader), Roi, Jaehyuk, Lito, and Changsun (maknae).

Four of the members spent their trainee years with Cube Entertainment, sharing practice rooms with BTOB, who they’re still best buds with. Leader Listen began his training in 2012 after completing his military duty, as his dream upon discharge was to become a singer.

Bringing the Cube boys and Listen together, Legend debuted with JK Space Entertainment last year, in July 2014. Lito wrote the lyrics for their debut song Left Out, and even came up with the band’s name.

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The guys are able to speak Chinese and Japanese as well as English and Korean. Roi, the band’s only Chinese member, has even picked up the local Gyeonsang dialect from living with his Korean bandmates.

Their fanbase is known as Herose, and as Legend will be celebrating their first year in summer, they’re sure to win even more fangirl hearts this year.

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Newest release – Trace

Debut song – Left Out


I Wanna Know

Bonus: Listen to the guys sing in English, covering Yoon Han’s ‘Someone’


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