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Now you know how to eat and drink in Korean, but what about the next most important thing for any trip to Korea? Shopping. Check out the video above for the basics on ‘To Buy’ – 사다 (sa-da), and if you’re just learning Hangul, click the Romanisation tab above! We’ll be covering more tenses and conjugation in a future edition.

Each week we’ll be giving you the basics on a new word in video format for your convenience.

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사() (present) – Sa-(yo)

샀어() (past) – Sa-sseo-(yo)



삽니다 (present) – Sam-ni-da

샀습니다 (past) – Sa-sseum-ni-da

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나는 새 차를 샀어요. – I bought a new car.
na-neun sae cha-reul sa-sseo-yo


나는 식사 사요. – I’m buying dinner.
na-neun shik-sa sa-yo



내가 널 위해 선물 샀어. – I bought a gift for you.
nae-ga neol wi-hae seon-mul sa-sseo



제가 너는 원한 책을 샀어요. – I bought the book you wanted.
je-ga neo-neun won-han chaek-eul sass-eo-yo



새 옷 사고 싶어. – I want to buy new clothes.
sae ot sa-go ship-eo


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