It has been revealed over LUNAFLY‘s Facebook that the group will release a new album on March 13th.

The album will consist of 5 Spanish songs, 3 of which will be released in English. There’ll also be 2 instrumentals, meaning the album will consist of 10 tracks in total.

It’s scheduled to release on iTunes on March 13th, but you can preorder a copy of the physical version here, in which there’s a chance you could receive a signed album complete with Polaroid, as well as a special gift and a chance to meet the stars!

Track List Translated:

1. To You

2. We Have Time 

3. More Than I Can Imagine

4. I Want to Kiss You

5. Super Hero

6. Just Want You to Know (We Have Time English Version) 

7. Alive (More Than I Can Imagine English Version) 

8. Can I Kiss You (I Want to Kiss You English Version) 

9. To You (Inst.) 

10. I Want to Kiss You (Inst.) 

Translations based on a loose knowledge of Spanish, these won’t be 100% accurate.


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