Being honest, this was my first introduction to Davichi -and I have to say it was one of the best ballads I’ve listened to.

The song
Being a ballad track, this song was powerful from the outset and the voices of Haeri and Minkyung are beautiful and strong. The beat was simple and the use of instrumental music in this track was well done – as it contributed clearly to the emotion and message that this song aimed to display. The chorus was the part of the song that really brought it to life, and I felt on some occasions that it, and the video was what kept me entranced during the more silent verses.

The video
The plot of the video was quite easy to follow, the basic outline being that the female lead (Minkyung) and the male are in the process of breaking up. Now it’s safe to say that the guy is – to put it nicely – a really horrible character. He does nothing to make the break up as smooth as possible and it seems like everytime Minkyung catches up to him, he has come up with an even more horrible way to put her down. Haeri acts as the guardian angel/best friend role, and both girls do a really good job at acting here. Overall it was a really engaging and beautiful video


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