This month Book Corner looks at the ultimate K-Pop fan’s Manhwa. Simply put, manhwa is Korean manga. Manga isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but this months reading list choice is everything the KPop fan would want.

Published in eight volumes, between 2002 and 2012, Chocolat was the creation of g.o.d fans, Shin Ji-Sang and Geo, and any KPop fan will find elements of its story they can relate to.

Chocolat follows Kum-ji in her quest to join the official fanclub of her bias group DDL, but fanclubs only accept so many members, and DDL’s is full. Kum-ji has a plan however, getting into another group’s fanclub would give her access to music shows, and to her beloved DDL.

Back in the height of fame for H.O.T., g.o.d, Shinhwa and others a fan didn’t like multiple groups, you were true to your bias.
Kum-ji joins the fanclub of Yo-I, the hot new rivals of DDL, but even the best laid plans rarely go to plan, and Yo-I member E-Soh soon discovers her deception and his plan is blackmail.

Chocolat embodies the spirit of KPop fanfiction perfectly, there’s a rumoured inter-band coupling just perfect for shipping and an idol even falls for Kum-ji!
In Yo-I you’re bound to find yourself a favourite member, finding yourself hooked to their story as well as Kum-ji’s, all the while hoping her bias group changes.

Let’s face it, good fanfiction isn’t always easy to find, and Chocolat is already gift wrapped for you.

amazonChocolat is available via sellers such as Forbidden Planet, and online via Amazon and its Marketplace.


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