Diet habits of K-pop stars are always a source of contention and curiosity. And none has been more gossiped about that that of Girls’ Generation, back in the charts recently with Catch Me if You Can.

The members dropped a good deal of body weight from their debut days to the release of Gee in 2009, and many of them have lost more besides. Though personal trainers were obviously part of the deal, watching their food intake is also a given. However, we all have our food vices. So, what’s the dish that many of those long-legged lovelies of SNSD are still utterly weak for? Gamjatang, or pork bone soup.

On a revealing episode of Beatles Code 2 in 2011, the girls confessed to even ordering the soup to be delivered for a midnight snacking session, much to leader Taeyon’s dismay.

Gamjatang basically consists of boiled pork bone or spine, vegetables and hot peppers. Although the ‘gamja’ part of its name (감자) actually means ‘potato’ in Korean, the dish doesn’t always have potatoes in, and it’s commonly served up with rice and kimchi.

If you’re interested in cooking it at home (in case SNSD pop round) here’s one version from Jamie Oliver’s website that’s pretty simple to make with ingredients easily found in UK supermarkets.

As a bonus, if you’re into mokbang (people eating deliciously for your entertainment) here’s a Korean guy nomming on a huge bowl of Gamjatang while his super cute dogs try to snaffle a bit.

Have you ever eaten Gamjatang in Korea or made your own version? Let us know!


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