There are a plethora of ladies on the K-Pop scene today, ready to dazzle you with their cute or sexy vibes and pretty faces. Aside from the beautiful images, it is clear to see that a lot of these women possess a great amount of talent and determination.

This month’s playlist is dedicated to all the girls who are doing it alone (whether it be full-time, or as a solo from their group). Get ready to be delighted with just a small selection of these lovely ladies!

1. G.Na – ‘TOP GIRL’

G.Na is often praised for her great body, but of course, she can also sing! Her upbringing in America also means that she can speak English fluently.

2. Ailee – ‘Heaven’

Ailee is one of the strongest vocalists on the Korean music scene today. She even proved that she can hold a note while riding a roller coaster on ‘SBS Running Man’!


Often dubbed ‘Korea’s little sister’, IU has a very sweet singing voice. In this writer’s humble opinion, she is one of the best live performers around.

4. Lee Hi – ‘Rose’

Lee Hi was a runner-up in the first season of the talent show ‘SBS K-Pop Star’ before being signed to YG Entertainment. She has a much softer image than many of her label mates, but also has an incredibly soulful voice for someone so young.

5. Navi – ‘Gone Too Far’

Navi is famous for her smooth R’n’B sound and she has a voice that you can easily relax to. It seems that she is not quite as talked about by international fans, but she is definitely one to look up if you are a fan of slick and smooth beats and a great voice.

6. Son Dam Bi – ‘Queen’

Here we have some real royalty of the K-Pop solo circuit (sorry, that was incredibly bad). Son Dam Bi is a great artist for those K-Pop songs you can really get moving to in a club. I defy anyone to not at least bob along a little to one of her songs.

7. Bada – ‘Mad (feat. Untouchable)’

Bada is a former member and leader of the hugely successful first generation idol girl group S.E.S.  She has gone on to have quite a successful solo career, as well as performing in many different musicals on stage. Surely, you must have tried singing the line: “I’m so maaaaaaaad!” to yourself at least once, right?

8. Ga In – ‘Paradise Lost’

Ga In really is not afraid to push the boundaries with her solo music, and many of her concepts come under fire or are slapped with 19+ ratings as a result of their quite controversial content. However, her brave moves as a soloist have undoubtedly helped to illustrate the strength and depth of woman-kind. This is arguably an invaluable depiction, especially in a country where traditional gender roles and perceptions are often sitting strong.

9. Sun mi – ’24 Hours’

Former Wonder Girls member Sunmi made her solo debut in 2013. Fans of Wonder Girls were undoubtedly curious about what each of the members would be doing after the group embarked upon an indefinite hiatus. Her interesting and eclectic concepts for her two solo singles really captured people’s attention and Sunmi was able her abilities as a great solo performer.

10. HyunA – ‘Ice Cream’

Here we have another lady that tends to cause an awful lot of controversy with her solo concepts. HyunA frequently embraces the well-known ‘sexy’ concept wholeheartedly in her work, and this often splits fans down the middle as to whether or not it is entirely necessary. Despite this, she has maintained a huge level of success as a soloist and as part of her group 4Minute.

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