Welcome to Replay. Each month members of the UnitedKpop team will share their most replayed tracks of the month. In addition, this month we asked for your most replayed tracks too! Here are the picks for April.


Sun Mi – 24 Hours: I never really appreciated this track back when it was first released, but it has been in my head a lot recently. I think Sun mi showed a new side to herself with some interesting and unusual concepts during her solo promotions.
The MV itself is also very creative and flows really well. I am only just now giving it the attention it deserves!


Lim Kim – Awoo: There have been a number of songs I’ve had on repeat this month, but this particular song caught my attention. This is the first song I’ve listened to by Lim Kim and I’m sure it won’t be the last. A simple beat accompanied by unusual yet interesting vocals!


Kim Junsu – The Game Begins: Junsu’s OST track for Death Note is wonderfully haunting. As a rule I hate musicals, though the drama Junsu captures in his vocals really makes his work in musical theatre one of his finest achievements.


FT Island – Pray: I love FT Island’s music, and this song is just some of the best they have released in a long time to me. It has some jrock influences and reminds me a lot of some of 30 Seconds To Mars’s songs. Perfect for rocking out to!


Mamamoo ft eSNa – Ah Oop: I love Mamamoo’s voices and the message of the song. The girls all look so pretty and I’m especially love Moonbyul’s rap at the end too!


HANA: Taeil – Inspiring: Taeil’s solo track is so simple, with just a piano melody accompanying his vocals, but it’s so beautiful! The simple arrangement doesn’t detract from the vocals but highlights them, enabling the listener to really focus on Taeil’s voice. This song gives me chills every time I listen to it; it’s soothing and easy to listen to, but the growing intensity towards the end of the song really showcases Taeil’s range and vocal skills.

JESS: BASTARZ – Zero for Conduct: I love the whole sound of the song and the lyrics are pure awesomeness, It’s so unique and I can’t get enough it and their new mini album.
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We’d love to hear what you think of our top tracks. Are there any other tracks you’ve had on replay this month? 


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