UnitedKpop have been given the chance to preview to Before Dawn, the debut EP from Needle&Gem. So here’s the lowdown on the duo, and their gorgeous EP due to release in a matter of hours.

Needle&Gem are an acoustic pop duo formed of Eric You and Rebecca Jung. The pair, originally residing in Montreal, joined forces to collaborate for a number of covers and original tracks for YouTube and local performance.
It was Naver’s Musician League, essentially a Korean crossover between Soundcloud and Youtube, which brought the pair coverage in the country they are now set to debut in.
The pair’s unique style and their natural chemistry drew interest from listeners and labels alike, and Needle&Gem visited South Korea to perform, soon signing to Magic Strawberry Sound’s roster as their youngest group.

The pair seem like opposites. Eric accompanies gentle guitar with soft, fragile vocals which draw you in as if in conversation. Rebecca plays rich and dynamic violin, accompanied by her equally rich vocal melodies.
Despite their seeming contrast, the chemistry between the pair sees them fit perfectly, their music heart-wrenching and pure.

Much like the nostalgic, age-old stylings of George Ezra and James Bay, Needle&Gem too pack their music with soothing nostalgia.

The emotion within their tracks are never overpowering, though always present. The restraint in this emotion, the difficult longing is where the EP title comes from, the feeling is hard to define, like the dimness of night before dawn.

The EP comprises of five tracks, A Thing That Used To Be A Home, Dawn, Can I Stay, Don’t Be and Wall.
Before Dawn
plays out like a musical narrative, the calming voices, and soothing musical accompaniment create a journey of emotion between the two. One of love and hope.
Needle&Gem  remind us that the darkness ends, even if the hint of sun before dawn is dim it is a certainty, this is the same with hope, no matter how dim that hope may seem it is sure to come.

Here’s the original recording of Dawn, just like all the other tracks on the EP Dawn was written and composed by the duo.

Before Dawn releases in a matter of hours, on the 22nd of May, and Needle&Gem are most certainly a duo to keep an eye on.

If you just can’t wait for their EP why not check out some more of their previous work together on their YouTube channel, or give them a like on Facebook!



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