Kim Yerim, also known under the stage name ‘Lim Kim’, is under the label company ‘Mystic89’ after competing in the competition show ‘Superstar K3’. She is originally one half of the duo ‘Togeworl’, though due to unresolved issues regarding Do Daeyoon’s education in the US, a compromise was seen to be made with Lim Kim making her solo debut in 2013 until the pair are once again reunited thus eventually debuting together as a duo.



Though admittedly I first came across her MV ‘All Right’ but didn’t do any research after that, only to stumble upon her MV from her song Awo from watching a JREKML reaction video, and I was so glad that I eventually came back to listen to her unique toned yet soothing singing which she has become well known for.


Some background Information: Lim Kim was born in South Korea on January 21st 1994. Though she decided to go overseas for high school, and High School in New Jersey so she is able to understand and speak in English. Lim Kim’s journey to becoming a singer started back in 2011, when she heard about the New York auditions for the singing competition Superstar K3 which was held in South Korea. Instead of signing up as a solo artist, she chose to audition as a duo with fellow Korean student Do Dae-yoon, and they formed the band Togeworl. Togeworl passed the audition. The duo were successful in becoming contestants in the show and they finishing third in the competition, after Ulala Session and Busker Busker.

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After the competition, Kim and Do remained in South Korea, where they continued to receive musical training, and signed a contract with Mystic89. Togeworl released their first song in February 2012 for the soundtrack for the TVN variety show The Romantic.


Kim made an appearance in the 2012 drama Shut Up Flower Boy Band, and even had the opportunity to release a song for the soundtrack, “Love U Like U,” which was a duet with L from the boy-group Infinite.


Originally, Togeworl planned to debut in 2013, however Do Dae-yoon had to return to the United States, due to issues with high school. Because of this, it was decided Kim should debut as a solo artist before the pair were to reunite again as a duo.


In June 2013, Kim released the extended play A Voice, lead by the song “All Right.” Since then, she released a second extended play in September, Her Voice, and a full length album in November called Goodbye 20.


More recently, she made a comeback with the album entitled ‘Simple Mind’ which was released on April 27th 2015.

Togeworl – Poker Face Cover on Superstar K3

 Lim Kim – Goodbye 20 

Lim Kim – All Right 

Togeworl – Number 1  (This single was posted to celebrate their two year anniversary!)

Lim Kim – Rain

Lim Kim – Awoo

Lim Kim – Love Game 

Bonus – #hashtag video interview


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