This week’s fanbase is a relatively new one – RainCloud UK!

RainCloud UK was created after an avid Rain fan in London couldn’t find any local fanbases for the “King of K-pop”, and so went about making their own. This is a brilliant Facebook page with simple, speedy updates where you can also meet other local fans!

“Hello Clouds, I am the founder and leader of another one European fan clubs for Rain. I quite often go to London and I am surprised that I cannot see any UK groups, sites or pages for the king of K-pop. I hope that he is well-known for many people here as well and there are a lot of Rain fans in the UK, so I’m inviting you to like my page. Rain is marvellous person and a multi-talented artist (dancer, singer, actor, songwriter, lyricist, model, fighter, producer, a fashionista, etc) and a really beautiful man. So please, like this page, post your favourite music, dance, drama, film, interview etc. of him and of course, comment on all posts!”

Check out their Facebook page for more info.


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