The sun is out, we’re counting down the days to our holidays, and we have an awesome Playlist for you to listen to alongside whatever plans you have this Summer. Whether you’re looking for a chill-out anthem or something more upbeat, read on and check out our picks!

1) HYUNA- Bubble Pop

Colourful, amazing dance sequences, a great song to get you up and ready. Night out? Evening gym session? This is sure to get your blood pumping and your hips moving.

2) 2NE1- Falling in Love

Full of attitude and ska beats, this song is a perfect accompaniment to those days spent on a beach with friends. Get out the BBQ and the iPod dock and set yourself up for hours!

3) Crayon Pop- Bar Bar Bar

Some of the best days are the ones that have absolutely no planning. Getting lost in the middle of a field somewhere, having a long road trip across country. This song is so quirky and random it will make the perfect soundtrack to your adventures.

4) ULALASESSION- Beautiful Night

Summer brings events, parties and wild nights, and this is the perfect soundtrack to those crazy times.

5) f(x)- Hot Summer

Not only does the song have ‘Summer’ in its title, but once you’ve listened to this on repeat a few times, you’ll be out making the most of the sunshine, while it lasts!

6) HYUNA- Ice Cream

Second on the list for HYUNA, who really has a knack at this summer song thing. We all know the best part of Summer is ice cream, and whilst I don’t think any of us will get the ice cream hose from this vid anytime soon, we can still enjoy a nice cone every now and then this summer (or more often :3)

7) GD & TOP- Baby Good Night

The only problem with Summer nights is they have to end. This song deals with having to say goodbye/ goodnight to your SO, if only for the day, or for a longer period of time. Grab a cup of tea, curl up in bed and spend a few minutes listening to this. And then snap out of it and get on with having fun in the sun!

8) Girl’s Day- Expect

Another upbeat tune, this one is just pure fun. Light and happy, this should make up part of your soundtrack for the summer.

9) Xia Junsu- Incredible

Let’s face it, summer in the UK usually means rain. And on those days you’re stuck inside, moping around, listening to this will get you back up on your feet and making the most of the one or two rays of sunshine that might pop up in the next week.

10) Rainbow Blaxx- Cha Cha

This song takes things back to basics. Amazing dance choregraphy, catchy tune, 100% kpop. A great song to end our Summer soundtrack!

That’s all for this time, check back soon for a new playlist.


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