In celebration of UnitedKpop’s 4th anniversary, a few of us headed on down to Tottenham Court Road to try out a newly opened Korean Resturant.

SuperStar BBQ is a Korean restaurant which specialises in Korean BBQ, just like the type you’d find in Korea! It’s situated amongst other restaurants in Central St Giles, making it easy to find.

Although Korean cuisine is quickly rising in popularity, a lot of us are still left in the dark about a lot of Korean dishes and how to eat them. SuperStar BBQ prides themselves in shedding some light on traditional Korean food. The menus are written in complete English complete with a brief description of each item, and if you’re still not sure, the staff are specially trained to know the dishes like the back of their hand – so they’re more than happy to answer any questions you might have. Also a treat for K-pop fans, expect to hear some of the latest releases playing as you enjoy your meal!

We were lucky and managed to get in at a quieter time, meaning that from the minute we walked in, we were welcomed and seated in under 5 minutes. Handed to us was some wooden menus and despite our expectations, and first impressions of the restaurant, everything was at an affordable price. Something else that surprised me was the wide range of vegetarian options on the menu, which are all clearly marked.

Soon after we were seated, we were quickly asked if we would like drinks. Due to the large amount of us, I expected the service to be much slower than it actually was. The drinks came out just ten minutes after we had ordered, which was just enough time to decide on our food! Eventually, I ordered Bibimbap in a stone bowl with beef and Kimchi pancake as a side. There’s also the option to have Bibimbap on it’s own, with beef, or with tofu etc, and you can even choose between a stone or a traditional bowl! But the first to arrive was the Kimchi pancake along with a dipping sauce. This was my first time trying one of these and I was pleasantly surprised. It came to me still warm, nice and crisp with just a hint of spice to it. If you’re someone who loves Kimchi, I highly recommend this as a starter.

Next came the Bibimbap, neatly presented and still sizzling hot. Some places will crack the egg in just before serving and let it cook in the stone bowl as you mix it, but SuperStar BBQ fries the egg for you first, making this a very ‘foreigner’ friendly dish. The ingredients used were fresh and of a high quality, perfectly blended together with a hot sauce on the side for those of you who are more daring. If you decide to go for this option, be very careful to not touch the bowl as it is scorching hot! Bibimbap

There’s so much to say that’s good about this restaurant, but unfortunately there is one downside with the service. Although it was all very pleasant, it also seemed disorganised as we were being served by a few waiters at the same time, but this might’ve simply been a result of us coming at a quiet time.

Have you been to SuperStar BBQ yet? Let us know what you think!

If you’d like to know more about SuperStar BBQ, you can visit their site or check out their Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for regular updates.

A must-try!

Tasty Korean food made simple without losing that authentic Korean touch. Will definitely be returning!

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