Infinite have been nabbing all the number one trophies on music shows this week for their EDM-inspired comeback track Bad and are still keeping Inspirits guessing about which countries will be on the visit list for Infinite Effect, their second world tour.

Working hard to help European Inspirits keep tabs on the boys’ activities are French Invasion. As the name suggests, the admin team are French, and their tweets and updates are primarily in French, as they translate latest news and updates for French Inspirits. However, they also post a lot of English subbed videos, and are supremely quick to get new pics and videos up on their main site. They’ve organised several major projects such as a rice wreath in Korea for the last world tour. They have a very active twitter account, followed by over 1,700 people and managed by friendly admin.

Here’s their tumblr page, Facebook page and twitter account. They also have a main portal here with videos and fanchants, which is simple to navigate around even for non-French speakers.


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