After a series of inventive and humorous teasers, Super Junior have returned with ‘Devil’!

Yesung has returned from the military, Shindong has just begun his enlistment, and it tends to shift the group’s sound slightly as the line-up changes, and it’s always a shame to see some members miss out on promotions, but at the same time, it is great to see returning members join up again. This is probably quite a bittersweet fact for SuJu fans.

This song is surprisingly jazzy and chilled for a Super Junior release. The group usually gives some upbeat, energetic and stompy performances, especially for the first releases for a comeback. The more experimental sounds and often softer tracks are usually reserved for second or third releases, if not left on the album.

‘Devil’ is certainly not a soft track, but it definitely has more of a jazzed up flow to it that makes it less catchy than Super Junior’s past releases. It has a very cool feel to it and features limited English. This means that, while it may not embed itself in your head straight away like past releases ‘Mamacita’ or ‘Mr Simple’ do, it will slowly creep into your mind eventually and you will probably catch yourself humming along after a few listens.

This is the sort of song that you can dance along to, but that will also sit well in the background whilst you get on with something else. It gives you a feeling of a good song to listen to at a chilled get together with friends, as you are able to enjoy it both while dancing, or even just sitting around.

The vocals are very strong in this track, and fans that have been eagerly anticipating Yesung’s return will not be disappointed as his powerful voice is a great addition to the group’s sound once again. This is not a song that could be tackled by inexperienced singers, and you really feel that Super Junior’s abilities as a group that have been around for years means that they can comfortably tackle such a song that pushes an artist’s vocal range so much.

Music video
The video shows each Super Junior member in a dramatic situation, each scene is then slotted into a film poster style layout. They all go after the same ‘devilish’ girl that is attempting to run rings around them. The MV is incredibly dynamic and cool; we see different genres of film showcased throughout – the action, gambler, shoot-out and investigative drama all feature. The music video also shows splashes of the colour red throughout which is, of course, synonymous with the devilish theme.

The dance that accompanies this song is quite classically Super Junior in its style, the members move fluidly around each other and creatively bounce off one another’s movements. The moves are quick, slick and sedate, which corresponds with the cool sound of this track. There are no particular ‘shock’ parts to this choreography; however, the way that the group synchronise with one another – as always- is incredibly impressive.

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