You know how it goes, in every K-pop group, there’s always that 4D member. So to celebrate these brilliant weirdos, we’ve put together a list of our 10 favourite strange idols with equally strange talents.

1. Changjo’s Smoky Mouth

Seen at around 2:29, Changjo can really create smoke from his mouth! Just like stepping outside when it’s cold, Changjo can whip up a winter worthy breath even in the warmth of the Weekly Idol studio. Niel also has the talent of gaining swollen ‘sausage lips’ whenever he sleeps, whilst L.Joe allegedly laughs in his sleep. We’re not sure if we’d like to hear that in the middle of the night…

2. Taecyeon the Teeth Pianist

Taecyeon of 2PM is often made fun of for his large teeth, but did you know they possess musical abilities? In the video above, Taecyeon plays his teeth like a piano for the audience. We do wonder how Taecyeon learned he could do this, but it’s quite fun if you give it a shot! Can any of you master the piano teeth?

3. Pyo Kwon the impressionist

Many idols enjoy doing a good impression or two, but few are quite as spot on as Block B’s P.O’s impression of Jo Kwon. With a few coughs, the deep voiced rapper turns into Kkap Kwon, we’re only disappointed he didn’t complete the impression with a Kkap dance. We love the drop back to his own voice at the end.

4. Lizzy The Nipple Detector

At around 3:50, After School’s Lizzy proves she’s has a particular talent at locating nipples on a person. This may yet be the strangest talent on our list! Like Taecyeon, we really do wonder how she came to know about her talent. Though, however strange the talent, MC Kim Gu Ra declared Lizzy better than Miss A’s Suzy – who apparently also possesses this talent!

5. Jurassic Ken

Back to impressions, VIXX’s Ken is known for his talent of imitating a Pterodactyl. They should have hired him to do sound effects for Jurassic World! Ken can also do many other animal impressions, as seen in the Weekly Idol clip above from around 5:45.

6. Jaejoong and his Wings

Back in the days of DB5K, Jaejoong took to TV with his fellow members to show off their talents. Whilst Yunho’s clover tongue and double jointed pinky were impressive, Jaejoong’s ‘wings’ and ability to fake a pregnant belly stole the show. Check it out from the 1 minute mark!

7. OneJunn and his elbow licking

OneJunn of Boys Republic proved on Weekly Idol (from 15:20) that licking your elbow isn’t impossible. However, as Boys Republic are a wonderfully zany group, as shown at their London concert, OneJunn isn’t the only member with a strange talent. In our interview with the group, the boys revealed that Sunwoo can put his tongue in his throat, and Sungjun can bend his fingers right back.

8. BEASTie Hyeyeon

[su_spoiler title=”Reveal Image”]bug[/su_spoiler]

Not so much of a talent as it is a hobby, but we think that being brave enough to collect beetles for a hobby, should probably count as a talent. BESTie’s leader Hyeyeon has two pet beetles! Click ‘Reveal Image’ to see the image.

9. Junho The Buttcracker

Junho is another member of 2PM with an usual talent, and whilst this one isn’t musically inclined, it’s equally impressive; Junho has the ability to break chopsticks using his butt. That’s right. Not by sitting on them, by crushing them between his butt cheeks. Another curiously found talent.

10. Onew The Nutcracker

Moving on from the buttcracker, we’ve got the infamous Nutcracker. Fortunately, this isn’t related to lower body parts, but Onew’s talent in cracking walnuts by just flicking them is surely enough to strike fear into any male K-pop fan. As demonstrations have proven, Onew’s steel fingers can also cause plenty of pain for another kind of nut too, your head!

And that’s our Top 10 round-up of idols with wacky talents. Which was your favourite? Let us know in the poll below, and if we missed your favourite, let us know in the comments section!


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