If you’re already all BBQ-d out this summer, here’s a light meat-free dish to refresh your appetite. Kongguksu, soy milk noodle soup, is a chilled dish popular in Korea during summer.

Its origins are unknown, although it was mentioned in a Joseon-era cookbook. It’s very gentle and filling on the stomach, and beyond pre-soaking the soybeans, ideally overnight, it requires very little kitchen faffing. Soybeans, noodles, a blender and some cucumber are all you really need, so it’s perfect for a no-stress summer lunch.

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Here’s a nice straightforward recipe that includes a video of the process as well.

If you’re in Seoul it’s easy to find, but a noodle place called Jinju Hwegwan has been serving up this dish for 60 years, so it’s well worth checking out. Expect to pay around 9,500 won for a bowl. Find the restaurant by City Hall Station, exit 9. It’s around 50 metres from the station, close to the Samsung Building. Address: Jung-gu, Sejong-daero 11-gil 26 서울특별시 중구 세종대로11길 26 (서소문동)


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