The first dance cover on his YouTube channel is ‘Tiny G – Minimanimo’ from January 2013, judging by the scenery changes of the videos varying when he initially began uploading the dance covers filmed in his bedroom to the present, it’s great to see he is now confident in himself to be able to move from his room to what I presumably think to be his garden. Perhaps one day he will be posting dance covers from dancing in public, we’ll have to wait and see!
From just by looking at the videos, he gives off the impression of being a fan of SM entertainment’s current girl groups such as Girls’ Generation, F(x) and Red Velvet. Overall, he shows an appreciation of a number of different groups from label companies.
Sarang-K is always seen to be smiling and having a good time in his videos, he doesn’t let the small space in his cutely decorated room to stop him from learning K-pop group dances.
Why not have a look see at the small collection of videos below, the short list of videos includes covers from ‘Tiny G’, ‘Orange Caramel’, ‘Got7’ which is a collaboration cover with ‘OneKJPop – Mace’, ‘Girls Generation’ and ‘Red Velvet’. Be sure to check out his YouTube channel for more covers or to subscribe to be updated on future covers!





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