Finally the wait is over! JYP Entertainment‘s long-promised new male band DAY6 debuted last week.

The guys are Sungjin (guitars, vocals), Jae (guitar, vocals, rap), Young K (bass, rap, vocals), Junhyeok (keyboard, vocals), Wonpil (synthesizer, vocals) and Dowoon (drums).

They aren’t JYP Entertainment‘s first male group, of course – but the key difference to 2AM, 2PM and GOT7 is that the guys write and perform all their own music live, similar to CN Blue and FT Island.

This debut has been some years in the making. Young K has been a JYP trainee for years, and Jae should be a familiar face to anyone who watched the first season of SBS K-pop Star back in 2012 – he came sixth in the TV talent show, under his full name Park Jaehyung. After that, he was signed up to JYP. Initially Young K, Jae and the others, except Dowoon, were in a group called 5LIVE. They did some promotional TV work last year and recorded a drama OST, but thank goodness Dowoon joined the group, changing the name and saving them from the fate of being compared to a national sports radio channel in the UK.

Congratulations is the first track released from their six-track debut EP, The Day. It’s a straightforward song about a guy whose ex has moved on a little too quickly. The album just came out last week, and it’s already proved to be a strong start for the guys – they reached the number 2 slot in Billboard’s World Album Chart this week (just beaten by Red Velvet) and grabbed the top slot in Thailand and Cambodia’s iTunes Main Album Charts.

Check out Congratulations here!

5LIVE’s OST for Lovely Girl

5LIVE on the TV show WHO IS NEXT

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