‘TaylorDemiGaga’, also known as Janny, she’s Chinese-Americna and has a YouTube account with an array of K-pop English covers. At the present time, she has a total of 14,063 subscribers and 992,416 views – nearly a million! She manages to sleekly convert catchy K-pop song lyrics into English, some very smooth transitions indeed!
The very first K-pop English cover that she has posted is N’uest – ‘Hello’ – check it out below! There’s a video spam afterwards which includes song covering artists such as Ailee, Red Velvet, CLC, Bestie, SNSD, BTS, EXO and more! Click on the YouTube channel link for more videos.

Ailee – U&I English Cover

2NE1 – Missing You English Cover

Bestie – Excuse Me English Cover

Red Velvet – Ice Cream English Cover

CLC – Pepe English Cover

EXO – Love Me Right English Cover

BTS – Dope English Cover

Girls Generation – Lion Heart English Cover


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