If you want to try a traditional autumnal Korean drink without booze, Sujeonggwa should do the trick.

The main ingredient of this orangey-looking fruit punch is persimmon, a squat, sweet seasonal fruit that’s harvested in September in Korea. In the UK it’s sometimes sold under the variety name of Sharon fruit. However, to make this punch, dried persimmon is used, so you don’t even need to hunt down a fresh one – you can stock up on dried persimmon and enjoy it year round. This site offers a dried persimmon snack that could easily be used in the recipe. Or, you could get green-fingered and grow your own persimmons.

Aside from dried persimmon you’ll need cinnamon, sugar, ginger and pine nuts. After preparing, pop it in the fridge for at least 12 hours before serving. That’ll ensure the persimmon get rehydrated and you can munch them along with the drink. Here’s a simple recipe with video instructions for Sujeonggwa. Serve it up to Korean friends chilled as a light dessert, or enjoy sipping it warm as you watch your favourite K-drama.


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