It’s already been a year since the tragic passing of Ladies’ Code members EunB and RiSe. For many in the K-pop community, their deaths came as a shock and was a sobering reminder of how cruel and short life can be. This SOTW, we’re featuring a cover of the girl group’s song last year tribute from SoJung (Ladies’ Code) and label-mates from the Polaris entertainment company Kim Bum Soo, IVY, Rumble Fish, Sun Woo and Han Heejun,

This is a beautiful cover song dedicated to the sorrowful passing of two women who left this world far too soon.


The Song

This was released last year, to honour the lives of EunB and RiSe. The song strikes a cord with the listener, holding a deeper meaning than most singles. As their first year death anniversary has come and gone, the members of the Polaris label company came together to collaborate on this track with a mixture of smooth, strong, soothing and gentle vocals.

I call out to you like a fool
Some day, you’ll see me too
I wait for a long time while tears well up
Like this, another day passes

Death is only something that you will be able to truly understand, if you have been unfortunate to experience someone close passing away. It’s a heart wrenching feeling that leaves you feeling numb and unable to fully process the events that go on around you, while you idly watch other people going about their lives and wondering if you could ever be like that again. There is no time limit of the grieving process, even if the people affected may seem alright, you can never really know whether they’re coping or not.

If you go on with your life as nothing happened
You might forget me
Even if you remember me sometimes
I’ll be fine so don’t worry

There will come a point where you learn to adjust your new life, the old routine becomes a thing of the past as you busy yourself with whatever life throws in your direction. The pain of recalling memories from a single item or a quote someone says slowly, but surely fades away into the background. Of course, that doesn’t mean to say that you’ll never be surrounded by reminders of the deceased person, but sometimes the sad smiles can be changed into fond ones instead. You don’t ever forget about them, especially if they had a significant impact on your life, you just simply find a way to cope with the help and support of friends and family. The song could be seen as trying to send a message to Ladies’ Code members EunB and RiSe, not to worry about the other girls, that they’ll be fine.

When I miss you so much that it’s hard
Be the wind and blow over to me
Sometimes, call my name from the hill over there
Then run to me and hold me tight

Sometimes, you could find yourself forgetting that the person close to you had passed away, then it suddenly hits you and a whirlwind of emotions assault you all over again. It’s inevitable that you will miss them, want nothing more than to be comforted by their presence. But, it’s also important not to get too wrapped up in a warped reality that drains the life out of you, if you need help coping, just ask. There’s a HP reference that says, the ones we truly love never leave us.

Source: Kpoplyrics

The Music Video

In terms of the MV, the first image you see is of EunB. There are brief behind the scenes content of EunB and RiSe which feature moments during the filming of Ladies’ Code music video ‘Kiss Kiss’.

In the song, as well as the music video, the other artists under the Polaris entertainment company combined their vocals and appearances on this collaboration track. It contains bittersweet undertones, on one hand there’s the smiling, blissful faces of EunB and RiSe then the scenes cut to the present day, which show the pain and sorrow in the artists’ eyes as they sing. Just by watching the moments where Ladies’ Code were complete with five members all enjoying each other’s company, it touches the hearts of those looking on as the inevitable events carry out later on in September of 2014. The ending reveals the girl group waving goodbye to the camera as the images of EunB and RiSe appear separately, in their angel forms.

Now, you didn’t necessarily be a fan of this girl group to be affected by the accident which regrettably took the lives of two of the members. Anyone who has someone they look up to and admire in this world, regardless if they are within the K-pop music industry or not, can somewhat relate to the grim reality that life can be snatched away in a heartbeat even when we are not ready to deal with the aftermath grieve that quickly follows on.

R.I.P EunB and RiSe, may you find peace wherever you may be in the afterlife.



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