For this ‘Song of the Week’, we’re looking at Loco’s single ‘Respect’ which features GRAY and DJ Pumkin, all artists under the AOMG label company.

Now, I know this single’s been out for a couple of weeks now, but it still stands out with its message to simply ‘respect yourself, be proud of yourself’. The kind of lyrical note that you don’t normally find rappers these days writing about, it’s a welcomed shift from all the boasting and dissing anyway.

The Song

‘Respect’ is a mellow R’N’B track, I found it calming and easy to listen to, it’s not heavily coated in electronic sounds like most rap songs are. Though, most rap artists write their own lyrics or take part in composing their songs, it’s interesting to see their experiences being talked about as it comes to the surface especially during darker times in their lives and how they coped through them. The thing that I like most about this song is that it encourages others to keep going, to be happy the way you are. Even if you are going through a difficult time at the moment, he says to push forward and work harder to achieve what you want in life.

The song have an abundance of positive undertones, the kind of music you listen to be uplifted. It’s like a reminder to be thankful for all you have in life and most importantly, as repeated in the lyrics which is included below.

‘Respect yourself, be proud of yourself’

‘Express yourself, just be yourself’

The Music Video

The MV incorporates the usage of social media, which has been seen in a few MV’s such as Jakop’s ‘All day all night’. My thoughts of this is that it’s quite simplistic in its style, not too much nor too little. At the start of the music video, it’s just Loco by himself as he has his solo on the stage, looking as comfortable as if it was his own home. Then, he’s surrounded by his friends and just simply being himself shown by the goofy antics.

There’s no flashy, expensive cars or props in the background which is often showed off as a way of expressing a person’s wealth and status. It’s very laid-back and chilled showing him have fun with his friends – being content with his life. Perhaps indicating despite Loco’s success with ‘Show me the Money’, he’s still sees himself as a ‘down to earth’ kind of guy.

English subtitles, always useful and an added bonus for international fans, it’s one thing attempting to try and figure out the meaning behind the scenes going on in the music video but once the translation of the lyrics comes to light then it get’s a whole new other meaning entirely.

This song also made an appearance on this year’s ‘Show me the Money 4’, as the contestants who were in AOMG team took their own take on the single and into their performance.

Which one do you prefer from the two versions?


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