When it comes to entertaining their fans in the most creative ways, you can be sure Mamamoo will not disappoint. The girl group already showed their transformation and acting skills when they cross dressed for their music video “Um, Ah, Oh, Yeah!” (full story here) back in June, and now they are back with yet another hilarious act!

This time, the four ladies dressed up as Cheetah (the last season’s winner), Jessi, Lil Cham, Kisum and Tymee from the show “Unpretty Rapstar” in a parody they wittily entitled “I’m Pretty Rapstar”.  For those who aren’t familiar with the show, Unpretty Rapstar is a music competition focusing on female rappers, currently going into its second season on September 11.

The video was released on Youtube on September 1st and replays some of the last season’s most epic moments, such as Jessi’s swear-ridden rant, as well as emulating some of the participants typical mannerisms like Cheetah’s side eye or Tymees smirks.

Watch the original video:

The parody succeeds in being both funny and engaging from the very beginning when, instead of the typical MGM lion, group member Hwasa can be seen roaring ferociously. But perhaps more hilarious than the acting itself is that, at one point, the girls are obviously struggling to keep serious and have to hide their faces in order to not burst out laughing when Lil Cham (Hwasa) gets up and provokes Jessi (Solar).

Watch Mamamoos parody below and tell us if you think of it! Do you agree the girls showed some excellent acting skills?


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