For this week’s SOTW, it’s on a much happier note as we look at Red Velvet during their latest comeback song ‘Dumb Dumb’.

This actually caught me by surprise, at first I didn’t think this would be my most liked track from Red Velvet’s newest album to date, especially from the collection of teasers leading up to the album release. Initially, judging from the said teasers, I had rather liked the sound of the first one which turned out to be called ‘Huff and Puff’. However, like with the majority of these snippets of the songs, you only get under a minute to get a general gist of whether you like it or not. Now, I liked the teaser, but compared to ‘Dumb Dumb, I much preferred that to ‘Huff and Puff’.

If you haven’t already heard the track, or just want another excuse to listen to it, here’s the MV!

The Song

Sounds a bit all over the place, but there’s still a theme in the mismatched song. It quickly grew on me, especially with the crazy yet fun music video, which we’ll get on to in a bit. It’s incredibly catchy with its infectious tune that makes you want to dance along to it, the vocals especially make a good fit and doesn’t seem too overused.

The song itself plays as a love song, in which the members are conflicted with their feelings towards the intended individual, how irrational their thoughts and actions become once they are in the company of the person. They refer to themselves as turning into mannequins, stiff and awkward, unable to move properly as they fall deeper in love.

Also to add in as sort of a trivia, there’s a list of Micheal Jackson song titles mentioned in one section of the latter part of the song.

The Music Video

It’s vibrant and practically spilling out with colour in every scene you look, it appears to be very visual orientated. There’s an evident doll theme complete with aprons and red frilly dresses, honestly I lost count the number of clothing changing in this. It still maintains a cute feel about it and not over the top, cringe-worthy cutesy concept that you often find with rookie girl groups.

I found this MV very interesting, how the Red Velvet members were being manufactured which created an abundance of clones of the members in a factory building setting. It kind of resembles a part of the K-pop industry in which it churns out groups like a business.

Also, a side note, something else I noticed was that there seems to be a common theme in their music videos with the usage of cars, such as in automatic and ice cream cake.

The song recommendation comes from rookie girl group, Purfles finally make their comeback this year and they certainty don’t disappoint with a sleek, vocally pleasing single – ‘A Bad Thing’.


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