South Korean noise-rock, folk trio Jambinai have captured the hearts of their London audience at tonight’s K-Music Festival and The Guardian seem to be indulging in the Hallyu Wave as it’s their second South Korean related article this week!

‘The set began with a lyrical, drifting wash of sound and a sturdy riff from thegeomungo. Then the volume increased until they sounded like a frantic folk-metal band before suddenly switching back to an acoustic riff.’

Jambinai have toured internationally and this year they’ve brought their distinctive and unique sound to the London. They represent their native culture with a sound that is deeply reminiscent of their traditional roots. The group formed in university as they shared a passion for a fusion of traditional music and new-wave sound. Their abstract sound has traveled globally as the trio have performed in four continents! Their first UK performance was at Glastonbury in 2014 and the response to their pleasantly absurd and unexpected sound has created a unique following.

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‘They play with an almost ritualised intensity, heads drooping and swaying, absorbed in, even entranced by, their music-making. Since everyone except the drummer plays sitting cross-legged on stage, they’re not looking at their shoes as British bands of a similar outlook would do.’

The band consists of Bomi Kim, Il Woo Lee and Eun Yong Shim. The trio produce an atmospheric and serene sound on multiple instruments including a traditional seven-stringed zither, strummed with a piece of bamboo, an oboe, and a viol.

Jambinai returned to the UK for the K-Music Festival that is running until 30th September 2015 at Rich Mix.

You can read the full review here.
For more information on the music of Jambinai, check out their Twitter and Facebook.


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