It’s time for Tune In and we’re taking a look at the new album from a Korean indie group we were fortunate enough to see play live during their 2013 UK tour. Galaxy Express have recently released their Walking On Empty album, an album they brought to the UK to master, at Abbey Road Studios no less.

Galaxy Express are more associated with the do-it-yourself style of recording, and there has been talk that the professional studio has taken away the raw energy associated with the trio’s music. Though opinions are subjective.

Galaxy Express aren’t the first group to make the leap to professional recording so listening to Walking On Empty with an open mind seems the best decision. One that turned out to be the right decision.
Of course this album sounds cleaner and sharper than their previous offerings, but is that a bad thing? Galaxy Express still deliver exactly what one would want from them, high power, emotive garage rock, with a couple of surprises along the way.

The album starts with one of those high power garage rock tracks, Let It Out, embodying everything you may know Galaxy Express to be. Similarly tracks such as Now I Know, Running on Empty and Tongue in My Head keep the rock anthem spirit one often associates with the band.

Though there is a tone changes with this album, that kicks in quickly with second track Time Keeps Rollin By introducing a slower, more acoustic vibe, to Galaxy Express’ repertoire. They actually perform a number of their tracks acoustically, though it’s not the sound you’d often associate with them.
Time Keeps Rolling By also comes with a stunning slow motion mv of time simply rolling by in everyday life.

It is the left-of-field tracks that make Walking on Empty stand out from its predecessors. Alive, Booster and Not Again slowing down their pace and showcasing the full talent and diversity of Galaxy Express.

The sharp, professional sound of Walking On Empty, to me really only means one thing. Seeing Galaxy Express live will be even more of an experience that should not be missed. Their energy is something never fully captured in audio, no matter the recording method, and seeing them live will only increase your appreciation for Galaxy Express.

Take a listen to Walking On Empty (available on iTunes for £7.99) and make up your own mind, but you shouldn’t be disappointed.


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