AOA are an eight-member girl group under FNC Entertainment that made their debut in 2012.

The members are: ChoA, Jimin, Yuna, Hyejeong, Mina, Seolhyun, Chanmi and Youkyung. Drummer Youkyung is an occasional member that is not counted as an idol in the group, often dubbed a ‘half angel/half mortal’ because she is only a member of the ‘band side’ of the group. This also explains why AOA are sometimes referred to as a ‘7+1’ group. However, of course, she is still wholly counted as a member by fans – who themselves are known as Elvis. The name AOA is an acronym that stands for ‘Ace of Angels’.

So far, the group has released three Korean albums, entitled ‘Short Hair’, ‘Like a Cat’ and ‘Heart Attack’, as well as one Japanese album ‘Ace of Angels’. They have enjoyed much success in both their native Korea and neighbouring Japan, having won multiple awards and Korean music show titles since their debut.

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AOA’s image is often quite sexy, but still maintains quite a classy and lady-like vibe. Their debut MV ‘Elvis’ even features the members plummeting from the sky with angel wings, and the girls have worked hard to live up to this beautiful and mystical concept throughout their career.

Many of the girls also play instruments which gives them a different dimension when compared to many other girl groups. Aside from Youkyung on drums, ChoA and Jimin play guitar, Yuna the keyboard and Mina the bass. These members also make up the sub-unit AOA Black, and girls perform as a band.

Many people have found themselves enchanted by AOA’s charm, take a look at a few of their MVs and tell us what you think of the girls’ work!


‘Short Hair’


‘Like a Cat’

‘MOYA’ (AOA Black)


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