Crazy Waiting, or The Longest 24 Months, is a 2007 not-so-serious Rom-Com look at the 24 month mandatory military service that must be undertaken by all Korean men.
The story follows couples that must deal with the separation the military enlistment will cause. Cue the question “Do we stay together, or break up?” Can their love survive a two year separation?
The film attempts to answer this question with four different stories.

Kim Hyo Jeong (Son Tae Young) and her much younger boyfriend Park Won Jae (Jang Keun Suk) find his visits home a financial strain.
Seo Min Cheol (g.o.d’s Danny Ahn) must leave his band to enlist, and that means leaving behind vocalist girlfriend HaNa (Lee Young Jin), and keyboardist friend Nam Bo Ram (Jang Hee Jin) who, maybe unsurprisingly, happens to have a crush on Seo.
Kang Jin-ah (Yoo In Young) and Jeong Eun Seok (Kim San Ho) are your typical cute couple. When he leaves for service he asks his best friend to take care of her. Anyone else seeing the flaw in that plan?
Jo Bi Ang (Han Yeoreum) doesn’t react well to high school sweetheart Heo Wook’s (Woo Seung Min) enlistment and plans to replace him with the unsuspecting Ho Sin (Seo Min Woo).

At times it can feel like there are too many stories to follow in this movie, as you flick between couples, and fight your way past flashbacks, to see 24 months in 108 minutes.
Though it’s easy to find yourself invested in the outcome of particular couples, and persevering with it’s sometimes lacking style.

The Longest 24 Months might have been better served as a drama, with more time to explore the characters; but is perfect viewing when you simply want to lose yourself in a film that doesn’t require too much interaction, and doesn’t delve into the greater issues that surround its plot.

You can currently find a subbed version of Crazy Waiting on YouTube.
Please note: This movie contains scenes of a sexual nature.


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