Although this track has been out since late July, I thought it would be fitting as Halloween is nearly upon us, this SOTW is from Primary ‘Don’t Be Shy’ which features ChoA from the girl group AOA and rapper IRON.

If you haven’t already checked out the song or the music video, have a look below!

Thoughts on: The Song

Now, I’m not overly familiar with Primary as an artist. the singing that caught my attention, from ChoA – her voice certainty suites well with the tune of the song. Although, it is bordering on a somewhat creepy undertone – which is later further emphasized by the imagery in the MV.

The title of the song implies to be self explanatory, it which it encourages the person to not hesitate on their actions and just go for it, as there may not been time tomorrow to do so.

Thoughts on: The Music Video

The beginning starts off with an extremely creepy vibe. The location in seemingly abandoned house with at least three girls occupying the space which of course includes ChoA from AOA.

There’s a number of different interesting parts to this, candles lit around an Ouija board – this object splits people in opinion, those who believe in other worldly beings and those who don’t. However, this sets the scene for a perfect Halloween inspired music video. Not to mention a few instances of people pretending to be ghosts under a sheet of bedding with holes to act as hollowed out eyes. There are subtle hints of a supernatural presence, objects moving of their own accord.

As for the filming of the MV, it switches from its normal clear view to a warped line of vision, as if watching it on an old video.

Some other segments that were interesting to see included the girls can be seen playing with Pokemon cards in a poker game, a serious throwback to the 90’s of all the old school anime franchises that plagued our television screens, not to mention the gaming consoles. Also, the imagery of the dolls making an appearance, either still in tact or broken as the girls tore their plastic heads and limbs off. This reminded me of Toy Story, I couldn’t help but think of the scene where the toys of Andy’s next door neighbor have different pieces of other toys sowed onto them, is it perhaps supposed to be some kind of an offering?

Nearing the end of the music video, the girls shove some teddies into a cardboard box, them commence in setting them on fire, as the three watch on wistfully. The message of the MV is lost to me though, unless there is actually a correlation between it and the lyrics of the song.

What are your thoughts on the song? Any ideas on what the scenes in the music video might mean or symbolize? Let us know in the comments!



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