If you caught our Judy Joo interview last week, you’ll remember how she talked about kimchi being the staple food of Korea. The spicy fermented vegetable dish has over 180 official varieties, not including family-perfected versions. It’s eaten with almost every meal in Korea, and refillable for free at restaurants. Don’t be shy to ask for more, load on up like a local, as kimchi is packed to the brim with good bacteria for your guts, high in fibre and low in calories.

If you can’t buy it off the supermarket shelf near you, don’t fret. There are many ‘from scratch’ recipes online, like this 5 step one with pics that gives a veggie variation without fish sauce.

Better yet, curious first-timers and hardcore kimchi addicts alike would benefit from taking part in an upcoming kimchi and bibinbap event at the Korean Culture Centre UK (KCCUK). Chef Jourdan Burke, who has recently published the book Our Korean Kitchen will introduce kimchi through a one-hour lecture and cooking demonstration. He’ll also demonstrate how to make the classic rice and vegetable dish of bibinbap. Both dishes will be available to taste. Here are the details:

KCCUK Taste of Korea Hansik: K-Cuisine Workshop – Kimchi and Bibinbap
When: 24 October 2015, 10am to 1pm
Where: Westminster Kingsway College, London
Admission: Free, but please reserve a place by emailing info@kccuk.org.uk


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