10cm are back with new single album 3.1. It has been a year since the duo released their album 3.0, and this release, on what they are affectionately referring to as Ten Ten Day, marks their passage between 3.0 and the upcoming 4.0. It is also a welcome present to fans.

Formed of vocalist Jungyeol and guitarist Cheoljong, 10cm have been together since 2009. Interestingly their name refers to the 10cm difference in height between the two!
If you’ve not heard of 10cm its still pretty likely you’ll have heard their popular song Americano!

Their newest release, 3.1, features the title track October Rain and its companion Undercover Lovers. The two tracks have very different emotions, but fit the previous themes of 3.0 completely.
Undercover Lover is reminiscent of the excitement of the lovers in Caress, and October Rain carries the same melancholy of Missing You.

October Rain compares unexpected rainfall with a heartbreaking love story, it is a far more subtle and clever display of emotion than previous songs, and allows the listener their own interpretation of the message and emotion.
Jungyeol’s sorrowful voice, accompanying Cheoljong’s soothing guitar playing bring out the strength of this duo.

Accompanying track Undercover Lovers is actually the first on the single, and carries the cheerful tone of 3.0. Jungyeol delivers a sweet vocal telling the story of a couple who’s love is secret. Cheoljong’s guitar riffs capture an soft and romantic pop sound, and shows of the diversity of 10cm.

3.1 it befitting of the change in season, with a track capturing the Autumn Blues, and one perfect for defeating them, and is a single album you should definitely take a listen to!


Buy @ iTunes 3.1 is available for £1.58 via iTunes and Amazon Music


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