We’re already nearing the end of the year, as we turn to the next month of our calenders to welcome October – meaning there’s at least three more months of potential K-pop comebacks! For this week, we’re looking at Ailee who has released her first album entitled ‘Vivid’.

Now, this isn’t the only time that we’ve heard from Ailee this year, in June she had updated her fans with the single ‘Johnny’ – which was her own contribution to the Brave Brothers’ 10th anniversary project. Though, she’s back ready to promote her latest album addition to the K-pop music industry once again that features a total of ten songs, one of which includes Amber of f(x)! It’s not a secret that these two are very good friends, especially with the pair finally collaborating together to perform for Amber’s solo promotion song of her first mini album – ‘Shake that Brass’ and also ‘Uptown Funk’ on ‘Yu Huiyeol’s Sketchbook’!

But we’re quickly going off topic, if you haven’t already checked out Ailee’s new MV, it’s below.

The Song

If you’re even vaguely familiar with the kind of songs that are mainly promoting from Ailee, i.e. ‘I’ll Show You, U&I, Don’t Touch Me’, there’s a common theme with being unhappy with her significant other. Now, ‘Mind Your Own Business’ doesn’t stray from that sort of message. Not to say that this is a bad thing, this is a concept that can be freely associated with Ailee, a pleasant change from the typical love-struck songs.

I rather liked the opening of the song and the jazzy feel to it. Ailee’s vocals are pretty much always on par, though sometimes I don’t think she reaches her full potential – like for example with ‘I’ll Show You and U&I, there’s a part in these songs where Ailee just belts out her voice so effortlessly yet leaving a lasting impression on the listener’. I wasn’t one hundred per cent satisfied with her previous comeback song in 2014 ‘Don’t Touch Me’, but that doesn’t mean to say I didn’t like the song, it’s just especially from ‘U&I’ my expectations from Ailee have become so high that she raised the bar even on herself.

As an overall soloist artist, Ailee is definitely one to look out for – especially her song covers such as popular track ‘Bang Bang’ as a collaboration with Sistar’s Hyorin and Jessi from Lucky J. She rarely disappoints with her releases, whether that comes in the form of a single or a mini album, her vocals are most certainly enough to render her listeners speechless.

The Music Video

Immediately, we’re introduced to a visibly upset Ailee who stares numbly around the room as memories from various parts of the room triggering possible memories – whether these are good or bad, until she seems to reach a point where she is tired of waiting around and decides to take matters into her own hands as she is seen walking out of the room. The next scene shows a male, presumably her boyfriend in a indoor car park area, getting into his car – just as Ailee drives into the shot with her gang in toe. They seem to be given the task of breaking his car, as a act of retribution as Ailee gives a nod of approval before they unleash their wrath onto his car.

The brief flashback moments of Ailee desperately trying to hold on to the breaking relationship break as we see a different side of Ailee that was born from the heartache in this music video, she’s doesn’t seem to take any nonsense as she ruthlessly damages her (ex?) boyfriend’s room beyond recognition with the helpful aid of her friends. She obviously is not portraying herself to be a pushover anymore. Just as the past Ailee is pushed to the side by her boyfriend as if she didn’t mean anything to him, the next scene shows the present is basking in triumph as she watches her girls fight for her. They certainly do not show any mercy to the man who broke their friend’s heart.

The police force appeared to be notified of the attack on the car, rather swiftly and just on time as Ailee and her gang are arrested for their actions, they appear in vivid orange prison clothing – which turns out to be partly inspired by the Netflix show ‘Orange is the New Black’, which was revealed as a response to JRE, the K-pop music video reactor from YouTube ‘JREKML’.

Ailee sets a bookmark or sorts, at least that’s what I think it is, alight as the man watches on as he entered the wreckage that swept across his room. However, there isn’t even a single trace of remorse on her face as she takes in the level of shock that is written on his face, which may have not even scratched the surface to the level of pain she was put through. And that’s not all, to finish off the list of revenge she planned against him – starting off with damaging his car to his room, she leaves him with a parting gift – a swift kick to leave him feeling just a fraction of the inner turmoil she was forced to endure because of him. With a final smirk, she leaves him in her wake, as the ending show Ailee and her crew taking mugshots in the prison getup as they pose together as a group.

What are your own thoughts on Ailee’s new comeback, let us know!


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