As you could already tell from the title, for the next two weeks leading up to the 31st of October, the SOTW will be Halloween themed!

We’ll be looking at newly debuted JYP rookie girl group, Twice with their zombie infested music video! There seems to be a correlation between K-pop groups and zombies galore, like 4Minute and T-ara for example – both of whom are featured in this ten songs special!

Twice – ‘OOH-AHH’

  • I have to say, I was pleasantly surprised with Twice. Although I did not follow this group’s progress through the show ‘Sixteen’, they are definitely a rookie group to keep an eye on! Throughout the MV, there’s at least a couple of zombies in the shot, the shift in the creature’s behaviour towards the end does remind me of the film – ‘Warm Bodies’.

2ne1 – ‘It Hurts’

  • This isn’t necessarily a Halloween song, though the theme of the music video matches the general gist of this SOTW! Here’s a creepy MV from YG’s girl group – 2ne1, I thought the overall decorations, props and the wardrobe concept are all very thought out and the somber mood contributes to the evident yearning from Dara’s acting!

Vixx – ‘Hyde’

  • This Halloween edition would most certainly not be complete without a VIXX song! The boy group have a knack for releasing creepy, perfect music videos for this time of the year!

4minute – ‘What’s Your Name?’

  • As mentioned above, there’s definitely an ongoing theme of zombies amongst the K-pop groups these days, the bloodied creatures seem somewhat out of place and random as they pop up towards the end of the MV. However, that doesn’t mean to say it’s not a good, catchy song!

Beat Win – ‘Stalker’

  • The first moment I saw this music video, it did come across as creepy as the evident obsession being the forefront of the focus point. The message of the song did remind me of f(x)’s song ‘Shadow’.

T-ara – ‘Lovey Dovey’

  • Once again, I’m not sure about the obsession with zombies, since that’s not the only Halloween related being, but here’s another good example of a catchy tune from T-ARA!

BASTARZ (Block B) – ‘Zero For Conduct’ & ‘Jackpot’

  • This isn’t a general Halloween inspired music video, I was unsure whether to include it, though the visual imagery of the blood, animal meat and implication of violence does suit the theme. You could also check out Block B’s track ‘Jackpot’, where the members are part of a circus!

BAP – ‘Stop It’

  • This choice might seem out of place, especially with it’s general happy-go-lucky sort of vibe. Though, I remembered that Yongguk’s role in the MV included turning into a devil of some kind. That should have a realistic link to Halloween through the supernatural theme.

Mamamoo – ‘Ahh Opp’

  • You might be thinking to yourself, how can this song or the music video itself be related to Halloween? Well, given by the vivid and bright backgrounds and props, I would have to agree on that part, though the direction of this MV could have gone in a few different ways, namely the missing board which eSNa puts the picture of the customer on one of the faces, there was a scene or two of split blood. It could imply a somewhat darker message that if one man were to cross any of these ladies, they would pay the price. The price, perhaps, would be let to the imagination of the observer. Maybe I’m just overthinking this one…

Paradise – ‘Infinite’

  • Finally to finish off part one for this week, here’s a throwback to one of Infinite’s past songs – Paradise! It fits in with the supernatural theme, with the members seemingly ghosts to the girl as she goes through her day oblivious to their presence.

What are your favourite Halloween K-pop songs? Let us know in the comments!


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