We’re taking it slow this week with Jay Park’s most recent song to be released – ‘Solo’ which features the female rapper ‘Hoody’.

We see him return back to the RnB vibes, which does suit his voice well, especially with the collaboration of Hoody. This is a very soft song to listen to, which I personally found to be easy to get addicted to!

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Thoughts on: The Song

  • It’s got an incredibly relaxing vibe, which makes it smooth to listen to.
  • May appeal to Jay Park’s R&B fans, in comparison to his hip hop songs that he has released, for example ‘Mommae’ – which had an entirely different message.
  • The main aspect I can appreciate about this song is the lyrics, it’s much more softer than the words from his other work.
  • Like in all the other songs that Jay Park has released, it was a nice surprise to learn that the featuring rapper in this song was actually a woman under the name ‘Hoody’. She added in her dulcet tones which overall complemented the song!

Thoughts on: The Music Video

  • Sounds a different side of Jay Park. In which most of the time, in his videos he is seen as confident as he struts around like he’s trying to maintain a ‘cool’ image, but this is very much toned down than his other work.
  • The cinematography of the MV runs like a short film, even if you don’t understand the lyrics, you can tell by Jay’s respective behaviour, the tender way he looks at the girl.
  • Leading on from that, if you liked the music video for ‘Solo’, have a look at the sleekly composed choreography video!

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