The good old household fridge is much more than just something we use to store our food items and keep them fresh for longer – they are also a place where we keep some of our darkest secrets, like that chocolate fudge cake no one’s supposed to know about because you’ve told everyone you’re on a diet.

During the last episode of “Please Take Care of My Refrigerator”, a Korean cooking/variety program aired on JTBC, hosts Kim Sung-joo and Sam Kim invited Sistar’s Bora and Exid’s Hani to the program, and also got a chance to inspect Bora’s refrigerator. However, they were not prepared for the shocking items they found hidden between fresh food and side dishes…!

Initially, Bora’s fridge seemed to be full of healthy food such as vegetables, pickles radishes, home made rib sauce from her mother etc.; but upon having a closer look they found bags of fish eggs from 2006 as well as river snails that were over 10 years old!


Chef Kim Poong even commented “congratulations, you’ve set a new record”, prompting a round of laughter.

Of course, this is not the first time that the contents of idols fridges have shocked both hosts and audience. G-Dragon received a lot of attention when his fridge revealed to be filled with expensive delicacies such as truffles, caviar and foie gras. And when chefs inspected the fridge that Infinite leader Sunggyu shares with Hoya and Dongwoo they had to wear protective masks because of the smell of rotting food coming from their fridge.

With this is mind, maybe Bora’s fridge wasn’t that bad after all! She laughed at the hilarious discovery and asked the chefs to dispose of the outdated food. Hani also tried some of the kimchi that was in Bora’s fridge and even made her a compliment, saying: “I love the food in Bora’s fridge. It all tastes so good.”

It’s nice to know that even idols sometimes hide odd things inside their fridges or forget to clear out the old stuff every now and then, just as we do. Just maybe not for 10 years…!



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