For the first Fan Talent post in November, we’re looking at ‘Oh My Kpop Wallpaper’! It’s a Tumblr page which features, as you might have guessed, original edits of popular and beloved K-pop idols!

There’s a range that’s already been covered, from various members from well established groups such as Siwon from Super Junior, BTS, Big Bang, Jackson from Got7, Mino from YG’s boy group Winner and much more! If there’s an artist or a group that hasn’t already been covered, you can request a wallpaper on the page here.

The work from this page caught my attention whilst flicking through the strangely addictive social media website, the style is really eye-catching and interesting to see the artist’s talents grow with each post. Also, all the wallpapers, as far as I know anyway, is all been produced from a phone and a selection of apps, which is quite impressive considering the good content standard from the page! If you wanted to check out a few examples of the work that’s been posted onto the Tumblr page, there’s a number below!

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BTS – Suga

“R to the M I’m a mf MONSTER” R to the M he is mf GOLDEN

BTS – Rap Monster

Super Junior – Siwon

GOT7 – Jackson

Actor – Lee Jong-suk

2NE1 – (CL, Minzy, Bom, Dara)

BTS – Jungkook


Credit: All photos goes to ‘Oh My Kpop Wallpaper’.



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