A few years ago, a then internationally little known musician who called himself PSY took the world by storm when his song “Gangnam Style” suddenly went viral on the internet. Nowadays, ‘Gangnam Style’ has gained somewhat of a cult status, as seemingly everyone is able to perform the iconic dance moves or sing along to the simple yet addictive chorus. The song was in fact so successful on Youtube that it became the first ever video to surpass 1 billion views.

Now, in 2015, PSY is yet to set another record: he will be the first male solo musician to appear on the cover of ELLE Korea magazine.

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To be more specific, PSY will be the cover of the December issue, which will feature 12 pages worth of pictorials, interviews and more. Of course, his signature look with his round-shaped sunglasses will be included, as well as some other edgy styles such as wigs and liquid gold.

In addition to his magazine cover, PSY is also releasing his seventh album on December 1. Make sure to keep your eyes open in December, the special issue is not to be missed!



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