f(x) are back and up to no good in their new reality show (fx)=1cm!

Just a couple of months ago there was  a lot of worry about the future of f(x) when it was revealed that Sulli would be withdrawing from the group to focus on her acting career earlier this year, and it certainly didn’t look very good for the 4 remaining members. However, despite all the rumours and challenges, they managed to turn over a new leaf and give new life to f(x) as a quartet. And although their new album ‘4 Walls‘ was only released a couple of weeks ago, some of the songs are already competing with the top charts in both Korea and China.

After this successful comeback, the girls are now working on their reality show which will be airing for four days (coincidence?), with two episodes per day from November 8 to 13.

In a short snippet of the show, the girls can be seen dressing up as schoolgirls and pretending to be attending class until they get discovered by fellow students, going on ‘dates’ or hiding in cupboards, causing shock and delight to any guys who unknowingly attempt to open it.

It looks like the girls are really having fun pranking and interacting with their fans! You can watch f(x)=1cm on NaverTV or China’s Youku.

Are you watching the show? What are your thoughts on it so far? Let us know in the comments below!



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