It’s hard to believe that B.A.P have been off the radar for nearly two years since their lawsuit disputes with TS Entertainment which has now been reported to be resolved, but fear not! They’re finally coming their highly anticipated comeback with their latest mini-album entitled ‘Matrix’!

So without further ado, for this week’s ‘Song of The Week’, we’ll be looking at their latest title track ‘Young,  Wild and Free’!

Thoughts on the Song

“Yeah, B.A.P, the King is back ya’ll”

That’s the one of the first opening lines into the song itself, suggesting that the boys are back in their rightful place in the Korean music industry after a long and grueling hiatus period. There’s a touch of a darker element, particularly with this song as if it tries to reflect the boys’ own personal experiences that they had gone through, it shows their maturity as artists. The lyrics is a testament on the hardship that the boys have had to endure after taking a stand against TS Entertainment in regards to their contracts.

There seemed to be a time when it was questionable of the future of B.A.P during these past events, questions and speculations came firing from all angles of whether other companies would pick them up to if they were ever going to fully return back to the K-pop scene from the prolonged lawsuit case. It’s most definitively admirable that the boys stuck together as a team, it shows their strength and determination to only want to perform with each other as B.A.P.

“Even if I keep falling down
I never give it up”

However, the members of B.A.P have been preparing diligently as they come back even stronger. The lyrics echos the notion of not accepting defeat as they get back up regardless the amount of times they fall back down – they are unstoppable which is highlighted one a number of occasions throughout the song. Bang Yongguk, as always the hardworking leader of the group is credited for producing this album. I always find his lyrics to be sombre and honest, his voice is enough to send chills.

“I get up even if I’m beat to the ground
You only live young once
Just look forward and keep running
Burn up this youth that has bloomed so dangerously
Say I’m the best, my way is the highway
No pain, no gain, I’m fueled with caffeine called pain”

And just as the title suggests, they’re proud to proclaim that they are ‘Young, Wild and Free’.

Thoughts on the Music Video

Within a few seconds, there’s a sequence of the boys with heavy smouldering looks as they are clad in suits. B.A.P are back and they mean business.

The concept for this comeback is the complete opposite to their prior song ‘1004 Angel’. We aren’t seeing the softer, sensitive sides anymore. Instead, it’s replaced with a tougher and resilient group who despite all odds, they aren’t willing to give up without a fight. In essence, B.A.P are fighters. Which makes me feel nostalgic of their debut back in 2012 with ‘Warrior’.

It’s a visual testament on the hardship that the boys have gone through in the last year, the caged animal could symbolized being trapped and having no control – which the members could have experienced feeling helpless over their situation. Then, when the chorus breaks in and Daehyun sings out ‘We are Young, Wild and Free’, B.A.P are all together as one. They had endured the troubles that came their way as a group.

“I know we’re better together”.

During the second half the of the music video, the boys are smiling, laughing and generally having fun. It shows their carefully composed masks that gave them internal strength slowly slip as it allows time to enjoy themselves to live in the moment. In contrast, we see a scene with Youngjae as he approaches an altar of sorts with a white sheet covering a body, which is later revealed to be a clone which could represent a part of him had died in order for a newer, better and stronger version to be reborn within him.

Because sometimes you will find the aftermath of going through a hardship, you will no longer be the same person you once were. And that’s okay. The people that B.A.P have become now is due to difficult times they have had to go through. Though at the end, you see all the members sitting on throne styled chairs with an regal air of triumph and suggests the restoration of the formidable groups that is B.A.P.

Overall, it’s a pleasure to see the boys back! If you haven’t already seen the M/V, as always it’s linked below!

What are your thoughts on the song? Let us know!


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