Welcome to the New Year. 2015 has just left us and 2016 has just started. If you have prepared a strategic list of goals to achieve for the year or if you’re just happy to have left 2015 behind you, you’ll find something in this playlist to motivate you over the first hurdle. We’ve decided to select the very best inspirational and motivational tracks to fuel you with confidence and determination. Whether you’re trying to get through your January exam revision or trying to find the motivation to return back into the office after a long Christmas break, you’ll be energised to take the world on after listening to our playlist. Keep those resolutions alive and achieve everything you desire in 2016. Fighting!

1. Teen Top – Don’t I

If you’re graduating or leaving school this year, you’ll soon begin the feel the imminent fear of the unknown. This song is the motivation to keep your dreams alive and survive during the last few tough months at school.  Studying can be trivial and monotonous but Teen Top have got your back.

2. 2NE1 – Crush

If your New Years resolution is to hit the gym more, this is the track that will get you there. It’s a high energy, power-driven anthem that will make you feel like you can take the world on. It’s the perfect work-out track but don’t forget where you are when you start chanting NOLJA! Unfortunately, if you’ve added ‘becoming a member of 2NE1’ to your resolutions, it may not be easily achieved…

3. Epik High – Fly

Time for some old-school K-Pop nostalgia. This is the motivation to make this year your year and keep those dreams and wishes real. Epik High have an entire discography library of inspirational songs so it proved difficult to select just one for the playlist… Listen to Fly and you’ll find you’re more than capable of fulfilling your New Year resolutions.

4. The Ark – The Light

One of the most unexpected debut songs of 2015 with a beautiful message. ‘The Light’ is about having the comfort of a friend who will be by your side no matter what. The MV is emotional as it touches upon the subject of losing a loved one and the lyrics are equally moving. If you’re crumbling under the weight of your troubles, listen to the lyrics and you’ll find some strength in the words. It’s an upbeat song that is both uplifting and consoling.

5. B.A.P – One Shot

This is another powerful track with an even more powerful message. B.A.P are warriors of self-belief and are oozing with infectious confidence. If you’re having doubts about all the goals you’ve set yourself this year, let B.A.P do what they do best. Like Yongguk says: ‘Shine the light like Martin Luther King’. You’ve got this.


6. Super Junior – Superman

If you’re an ELF, you’ll already be familiar with how uplifting and comforting this song is. It is a Super Junior ode to themselves BUT it is the most motivating and powerful track they’ve released. If you’re looking for an instant confidence surge, Superman is the track for you. The MV is a powerful montage of how far they’ve come as a group and serves as a comfort to the fans. “When you’re very bored and surfing the internet, if you just type in ‘super’ our results will come out/We are always by your side.” Thanks again, Suju.

7. Taeyeon – I (feat. Verbal Jint)

One of the best tracks of 2015 and a perfect addition to your 2016 motivational playlist. It’s a superbly calming song that sails you away with Taeyeon’s addictive vocals. It’s a sweet song that explores freedom and childhood memories. It’s one that will stay with you when you’re feeling discouraged. The MV is beautifully fresh and captures the beauty of the lyrics.

8. Ailee – I Will Show You

If last year you were happily celebrating White Day and this year it’s looking like it’ll be Black Day, Ailee has got you covered. ‘I Will Show You’ is the confident drive you’ll need at the start of the New Year. “I will show you a completed changed me, I will show you a way prettier me.” Beware, this song will be your go-to karaoke track and you’ll feel like a million dollars belting it out.

9. EXID – I Feel Good

Classic EXID from 2012 and the perfect song to kick start 2016. It’s a must-have on any motivational playlist and the catchy chorus makes the perfect addition to a work-out track. It’s a bubbly, colourful MV with electric vocals and a kick-ass chorus. Cue that New Year confidence and indulge in it!

10. Big Bang – Still Alive

A self-reflective song that is a fitting song for the New Year. It’s a stimulating, passionate track with inspirational lyrics and an amazing beat. If you’ve had a tough 12 months in 2015 and you’re looking for a song to fire you up… this is it. Don’t forget this was the intro track to the best comeback album in K-Pop history so it’s a good omen for a 2016 comeback. New year, new you as they say.

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