Zico has been very busy with his solo activities, with regular song releases every now and again. He’s definitely showing a different side particularly with this song, especially in contrast from his previous work such as ‘Tough Cookie’. In interviews, it was reported that the Block B leader was open to trying out different genres of music, rather than being boxed into just simply hip-hop which has allowed the fans and his fellow colleagues alike to see him continue to evolve as an artist.


-The style is very chilled and mellow, which matches the message the song is going for. In essence, Zico could be serenading his fans as we see an appearance of Zico’s crooning vocals. The message seems to be trying to win back the affections of a former girlfriend. This is such a vast contrast to his previous work, especially during the early debut days of Block B, where he built up a visual reputation of being a tough leader.

A few quotes from the song was interesting to read such as: “I only ever listened to hip hop. Now I’ve turned acoustic” This shows a willingness to change his ways, his outlook on how he views things? Perhaps he is becoming more open-minded? Also, “Stop looking at the mirror there’s nothing that needs fixing. You are the prettiest when you don’t have makeup on”. The concept of self-confidence is something that many people, both male and females struggle with, until their own perceptions becomes so distorted that they are unable to see past their own opinions of themselves. They only become aware of the imperfections and are constantly reminded when they take a look in the mirror. Sometimes, it takes the person to realize that they’re beautiful in their own way. Other times, it doesn’t hurt to hear the perspectives from other people, as they look at you in a completely different light than how you look at yourself.










-Throughout the MV, there is a a constant theme running through the couple clothing of Zico and the girl. It seems that the two are simply passing strangers, yet by some unforeseen force they keep crossing paths. As if it’s ‘destiny’ – which Zico included in the lyrics the words ‘I believe in destiny’. So it ties in nicely together. In one of the scenes, we see the girl inspecting a bandage on her finger, then a split second later Zico is rushing through the door to buy some bandages as he shyly hides his wounded finger. This might symbolize if one is hurt – whether it is physical or emotional – the other will feel it. In respect of the visual elements, it certainly shows Zico’s softer side – an almost innocent image that is not often revealed.


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