This week’s Get the Look will be filling you with inspiration on how to recreate AOA Cream’s adorable style in their brand new MV for  ’I’m Jelly Baby’.

AOA Cream debuted on the 12th of February with their title song ‘I’m Jelly Baby’, the MV is packed with cute outfits and full of pastel imagery. AOA Cream are a new sub-unit to AOA, and are made up from vocals Yuna, Hyejeong and rapper Chanmi.

If you haven’t seen the MV yet, check it out below:

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After searching online for a collection of different pieces that you could use to re-create their style I’ve found the following items below!

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1) Pastel Love Soda Off-Shoulder Top: Candy Rain @ Dreamy Bows £27.99
2) Blood Drip Pleated Skirt- Pink: Listen Flavour @ Dreamy Bows £44.99
3) Pastel Love Soda Heart Cut-Out Dress: Candy Rain @ Dreamy Bows £41.99
4) Milagros Wrap Over Mini Skirt- Lemon: MissGuided £5.00
5) Soo n’ Soo Ribbon Hair Pin: YesStyle £8.90
6) Faux Pearl Block Heel Boots: YesStyle £28.41
7) Jewelled Block Heel Sandals: YesStyle £31.90
8) Glittery Unicorn Socks: ASOS £3.50
9) Suzy Wan Heart PomPom Choker: ASOS £20.00

Throughout the MV the girl’s sport the super cute style, but what’s great in particular is that it really comes across as a more grown up cute; even when the whole look is completely pastel. This will be a great style for spring time! And the colours will really match the season.

To complete the whole look, accessorise with cute hair bows and glittery eye make-up. You could even get hair chalk to get the pink ends like Hyejeong, but without the commitment of dying your hair (especially if your job or school have strict rules) If you’re feeling particularly brave you could even re-create the glittery eyebrows that they have in the video!

What are your thoughts on the style? Personally, I’m in love with it! And I can definitely see myself attempting to recreate similar outfits in the very near future.

[All clothes and accessories listed can be found on their online stores!]

|Sources: Dreamy Bows, MissGuided, YesStyle and ASOS|


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