Purfles are a three member girl group that debuted under Crescendo Entertainment in 2014. The members are Geon Hee (leader), Eunyong and Wooyoung.

They have released 3 digital singles: ‘1, 2, 3’, ‘A Bad Thing’ and ‘Bad Girl’.

Although they have not had much chance to show themselves on television programmes thus far, the girls of Purfles have still managed to catch the eyes of many with their strong vocal talents. They have a very jazzy, funky and yet still soulful sound that can come from only the most developed and comprehensive vocal abilities.

They have not yet made an appearance on many variety or talk shows, but the group have a strong presence on social media and YouTube and have updated fans with their own ‘Purfles Diary’ series. They also showed off their dance moves and answered various questions when they were the guests on Arirang TV’s ‘Kpopulous’ show. Recently, they have also appeared on the very popular show ‘Immortal Song’, where they covered Oh Seung Geun’s song ‘Treat Me Well While I’m Here’

With regards to the world of K-Pop, it seems that we are inundated with debut after debut, and as a result, the groups strive to grab our attention with various concepts and gimmicks. In recent years especially, it could be said that K-Pop fans may have grown weary of the lack of diversity in female group concepts. It seems that many K-Pop girl groups can easily be boxed into one of two categories: Sexy or cute.

In light of this, it is great to see that Purfles have come forward and continually used their talent as vocalists and dancers to shine through in favour of any fleeting concept. It is interesting to see women with substance show themselves in K-Pop and not bow to pressure to be a certain way just to gain attention – either for good or bad reasons!

Below are a Purfles MVs and a few extra videos that will allow you to get to know the group better if you are unfamiliar with them:

‘1, 2, 3’ MV

‘A Bad Thing’ MV

‘Bad Girl’ MV

‘Bad Girl’ (Jazz Version)

Taeyang ‘RINGA LINGA’ dance cover

Adele ‘Make You Feel My Love’ cover (by Eunyong)

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