SPICA member Kim Bohyung has released a cover version of Adele‘s hit song ‘Hello’!

You will probably have to have been living under a rock for the past few years to be completely unaware of who Adele is, but just in case you don’t, she is a British solo singer that shot to fame through her first album ’19’ back in 2008. She is known for her brilliant and powerful singing voice that can often move even the most stoic and hardened individuals to tears.

Her huge success has continued throughout the years, she has now released 3 albums in total, sang a James Bond theme song for ‘Skyfall’ and her latest single ‘Hello’ has reached a colossal 1,339,460,257 views at the time of writing this article. It became the fastest video to hit 1 billion views in YouTube’s history.

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Given Adele’s huge talent an successful track record, it would be understandable if singers tried to steer clear of covering her songs for fear of not doing them justice. However. SPICA’s Bohyung took up the challenge and even played the piano accompaniment while she sang.

This cover really shows off the SPICA member’s talents, and her vocals are clearly strong enough to take on this track. She has been able to take on the emotion of the song and yet, still add her own flavour to it.

Here is the orginal by Adele, followed by Kim Bohyung’s cover version:

Which one do you prefer?
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